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Trolley Shops

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The GVS requires the generous support of many different stakeholders. Click below to see how you can lend a hand.

Records show that in 1970, the WRVS ran trolley shops at Le Platon, Les Cotils and Longue Rue House. This service ceased for a while, but a few years ago the GVS were approached with a view to restarting the service. A shop now operates in Le Grand Courtil Assisted Living for the elderly. The duty lasts for a couple of hours on a weekly basis, with volunteers working in pairs. Some shopping is involved to 'top up' the trolley.


Toiletries, soft drinks, sweets, and crisps are sold, as well as fresh fruit in season. Special orders for the following week are taken which can include anything from tights to hearing aid batteries to birthday cards.


Most tenants are unable to get out to do their own shopping and some do not have any families to help them, which is why the Trolley Shop is appreciated so much.

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